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SuperMamas picnic

Because it’s important to remember all the good times.

26th May, 2017
A gloriously sunny Friday in May.
Newborns, toddlers and young children galore.
Bunting and balloons in the trees.
A whole loads of Mums and Dads for me to talk to.

– LG was fed and changed just before we left at 1pm. He only got cranky as we approached the group sitting in the park (because he was hungry) and I fed him immediately.
– We took the bus, which was a little crowded, but hey at least the bus driver left a good distance between the bus and kerb. Plus a guy in a wheelchair was helpful about co-ordinating all the prams, and insisted I use the disabled access ramp too (along with him) when he exited the bus.
– On the way to the bus I’d stopped off at Edeka, and like the classy woman that I am, bought two packs of strawberries then transferred them into a bowl (in the supermarket) I’d brought with me and got rid of the packaging (read: evidence).
– Coming home, I put him in the baby wrap to guarantee he’d sleep (he needed to sleep by 4pm) and I walked all the way from Gleisdreick to Prinzenstrasse before transferring him to the pram, and then continuing home. Naturally he had a meltdown 10 mins from the apartment. Ah, growth spurts. Love ’em.

The picnic itself
As is my way now (apparently), I dived (not literally) in the middle of all the blankets, and immediately got stuck into my classic small talk. This involves commenting on other babies size in comparison to LG and asking how old they are etc. Turns out LG was the youngest there, and people were a) rather impressed I was out of the house at 6 weeks b) vaguely concerned their toddlers were going to trample him if I laid him down (legit concern). I got chatting with two really nice ladies next to me (can’t remember their names), one of whom told me she had a portion of her breastmilk made into a ring?! Gotta look into this. They were both really down to earth, and quite self-deprecating, which was fun. I recognised the couple opposite me from the First Aid Course for Babies I did back in Feb with Peter and that was a good springboard for conversation. LG was really well behaved, and I was pretty darn relaxed the whole time. These social events are getting easier and easier, and I feel my self-confidence growing! Just before I left I got chatting to two women behind me who also had young babies (8 weeks) – both seemed nice, but the partner of one of them had an interesting sense of humour which I wasn’t sure how to take. I think he was just an awkward turtle, and I’m glad I only met him 15 minutes before I was going to leave anyway ….

All in all, a success!

Mama M x