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8 Week Update

LG has reached 8 weeks!

Yes he can …. !
– Hold his head up for at least 10 seconds whilst lying on his tummy
– Smile and laugh at things (he’s not just smiling in his sleep anymore)
– Burp! Like a trouper. This is a big deal. Less gas = happier baby.
– Sleep 6 hours straight. From 7.30pm to 1.30am – he’d only go to bed at 7.30pm if he was super tired.
– Be soothed by a wooden rattle ….
– Make bubbles (cute)

These days it’s a lot easier carrying him because he feels a lot less delicate that his first month. All that chub chub makes him seem ‘sturdier’ and I’m comfortable carrying him over my shoulder, or even slightly on my hip because he can support his head relatively well. This is a game changer, really. It still hurts my back but not as much as when I carter him around the apartment in the crook of my arm.

And me?
I’m feeling better than even in my new mumma role. The weather is so good at the moment it gives me that burst of energy I need to look at things in a positive light and get out there and do stuff. I’ve got my head around the broken sleep (even though only waking to feed twice, or three times, is pretty good going) and if the day starts at 5a.m, so be it. I just need to have an extra nap in the morning, or afternoon, or both. There are still days when LG has a bad day, and the screaming/crying goes right through to my core, and there’s just no way to comfort him. I’ll willingly admit that I was so exhausted after an hour of it the other day that I just put my face in the mattress, fingers in my ears, and counted out breaths while he raged in the background. Sure enough he stopped 10 minutes later and fell asleep to some white noise (thank you YouTube).

Let’s see what 12 weeks brings 🙂

Mama M x