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#3. You can’t teach with a baby in your arms


Long story short

My mother-in-law had been doing an English course at the local Volkshochschule, and as soon as summer hit, there weren’t enough participants for the course to continue until September. She persuaded the teacher to privately tutor a bunch of them in her garden – great plan! Until he cancelled last minute. She asked me if I could do it, I agreed because .. well, what else can you do? I had to bring LG along of course, since Peter was working, and it ended up with an exhausted Mama and an even more exhausted baby rolling home after 8pm.

What have I learnt?

1. BABIES WILL NOT SLEEP WHEN YOU WANT THEM TO. I genuinely believe they can smell your desperation. I tried so hard in the 15 minutes before the ‘lesson’ started to get him down and nothing worked.

2. BEING IN A GARDEN DOESN’T NECESSARILY RELAX YOU. I think my mother-in-law thought it would be this wonderful chilled out, informal chat-fest. Nope. Her ‘co-student’ was still overwhelmed at the prospect of speaking English, and still relied on the archetypal classroom structure to make him speak.

3. ALWAYS COME PREPARED. Even when you’re told not to. I should’ve trusted my instincts and brought some worksheets to fill the awkward silences.


5. YOU CANNOT BE THAT COOL WORKING MUM TEACHING WITH A BABY IN HER ARMS. My brain simply would not allow me to do both – comfort my fussy baby and ask questions to get people talking.

Neyt week, LG is not coming!

Mama M x


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