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Recommendation: Trollby (Schöneberg)


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Trollby is a great secondhand shop near Eisenacher Strasse u-bahn in Schöneberg. I’ve been there a few times, my first time being when I was around 5 or 6 months pregnant. I remember walking in and immediately being impressed by the sheer colourful assortment of clothes and to my surprise, a table set up with jugs of water, biscuits and haribo. This is literally a shop that offers you water and snacks whilst you browse around. Within 5 minutes of arriving, they had offered me a cup of coffee, and were constantly on hand to help me reach things on high shelves and offer advice (I had no idea what to buy at this point).

If you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll receive a €5 voucher, and as the months go buy the newsletter keeps you informed of special offers, Sundays when they open (i.e around bank holidays) and the occasional €5 voucher (I was too slow to act on my May one).

I went there again with Peter and LG last Friday, and they were just as nice and helpful as my visit as a pregnant lady. They encouraged us to ask questions and not only set up the changing table for us to change LG before we left, but also directed me to a small room at the back with a ‘comfy chair’ (quote) to breastfeed him. The shop assistant even gave me a glass of water to drink whilst I fed him!

There is a good selection of clothes (mostly secondhand C&A), toys (for all ages), maternity wear, along with practical baby things e.g baby baths, breastfeeding pumps, changing mats etc. Reasonable prices, but it depends what you buy – the secondhand ErgoBaby carriers are still very pricey, even secondhand (around €60+).

Can’t recommend this place enough, happy shopping!

Mama M x


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