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#2. Mamas + heat do not mix well


Long story short

I thought I’d nailed the whole ‘heat’ problem. I had … for my baby. The thing is, Mamas need to drink a) to keep themselves hydrated b) to keep their milk supply up, and in summer you can add c) because it’s summer and it’s freaking hot. One Saturday I decided to trek to Neukölln (I have a voucher for DM), taking care to walk in the shade etc. I forget to bring any food for myself, didn’t drink and ended up frazzled & stressed outside Peter’s office, feeding LG and realising I couldn’t manouevre the pram into a späti for a drink. I ended up having to walk another 20mins to some bio supermarket where I spent far too much on a piece of quiche I inhaled and some fancy water. Then I had to drag my exhausted self home (another 30 mins).

Okay that wasn’t really a shortened account, oops.

What have I learnt?

1. ALWAYS PUT A BOTTLE OF WATER IN THE PRAM. Or two, that would be even better.

2. SECRET SNACKS. Biscuits, crackers, whatever. Put them in a small tub or zip-lock bag in the changing bag.

3. SUNCREAM YOURSELF UP. When you suncream your baby, suncream yourself. If baby wears a hat, you wear a hat.

4. TAKE BREAKS. Sounds like common sense but bear with me. You’re pushing a pram in the heat, which is pretty strenuous even if you don’t realise it. Stop every 15 mins and just sit on a bench/wall in the shade and sip some of that water.

5. BRING DEODORANT. To counteract all that sweat.

6. THINK YOUR JOURNEY/ ROUTE THROUGH. I should’ve realised that my walk would take over 2 hours, pushing me into midday heat. Next time, I’ll take the bus there and walk back.

Mama M x


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