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#1. Babies + heat do not mix well


Long story short:

My Dad (aka Grandpop) was visiting. One of the first ‘summer like’ days of the year. We decided to walk to Treptower Park. En route, chaos ensued. *

What have I learnt?

1) WALK IN THE SHADE. This will involve constantly switching sides of the road, and your whole journey will take longer, but the pram won’t overheat (as fast)

2) BABIES GET THIRSTY. FEED OFTEN. Sounds obvious, but I just didn’t think logically. Of course babies get thirsty in the heat! They are tiny humans after all. Regardless of whether your breastfeeding or formula feeding, get that baby something to drink. More often than normal; since the Treptower Park day I aim for hourly around midday which works out well.

3) BLACK PRAMS GET HOT. Cover the hood with a white muslin (that drapes over the front too as a sun protector) and take of the lower cover (where there feet are) but make sure their feet/legs are shielded.

4) CHANGE THEIR CLOTHES. If they get damp and sweaty, get them changed asap because a warm/cool breeze when you take them out for a cuddle will do them no good.

5) AVOID THE HOURS BETWEEN 11 – 3PM. Again, sounds obvious. My bad.

6) BE PREPARED TO STRIP THEM DOWN TO THEIR NAPPY. Then add clothes when the sun goes away for half an hour .. then take the layers off when the sun comes back … then ..

*I ended up with a wailing (and very warm) LG, at the edge of a roadside. I had to strip him down to his nappy, sit on a bollard in the shade, and feed him as bemused/puzzled onlookers drove by. Don’t be like me, be smart!

Mama M x


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