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… organise your changing bag (newborn)

Too stylish to be my bag.

Sudden realisation: I should’ve photographed my changing bag and all the items inside. Ah damnit, who has the time for that?

Before I had LG I spent a (slightly excessive) amount of time on YouTube watching videos about what you need to buy for a newborn, what to pack in your changing bag, what to pack for hospital etc. Now I’m on the other side of childbirth, I thought I’d put together a couple of these posts in the hope they might be useful to someone, somewhere … *

*Peter, if you’re reading this, please consult this list when I’m on holiday in the future.

What’s in my (probably overprepared) changing bag

1. Nappies, of course – two important tips, remember to “update” your bag as your baby grows and their nappy size changes. You don’t want to be there with a nappy for a 3.5kg baby … when your baby is now over 5kg. Second tip, for the love of God remember to replace the nappies when you’ve used them – we once got stuck at Peter’s mother’s garden on a Sunday (shops closed) with no fresh nappies. Nightmare.

2. Baby wetwipes – slim/small pack; takes up less space.

3. Normal size muslin – the size of a small t-shirt I guess. This is for all the spit up, sick etc.

4. LARGE muslin . useful as a “sun protector” over the pram, or a ‘light’ blanket to cover the baby when it’s too hot for a fleece blanket but too breezy not to have anything. Also good for lying your baby on in the pram. Seems to make LG sweat less in the heat.

5. Small toy – a rattle/something colourful that makes noise/distracts

6. Plastic bags – you know the small, annoying kind that you get when you buy a small gift somewhere and never know what to do with it after you’ve come home? Or alternatively, zip lock bags. These are for soiled clothes, or nappies (if there’s nowhere to dispose of them)

7. Thick blanket – good for cushioning the pram, making the baby comfortable whilst feeding, covering them if the temperature drops … the list is endless.

8. Clothes – vest, long sleeved body, trousers (with feet), hat, scratch mits. I normally have a sleepsuit in there too. It’s good to have two sets of spare clothing, as I found out the other day. Whilst at a friend’s (who luckily has a baby girl), LG soiled his outfit, then threw up on his spare outfit. We ended up taking him home in a very pink, girly sleepsuit …. he loved it.

9. Changing mat – one of those handy compact ones. IKEA does a good one that wipes down and folds up neatly.

10. Hospital changing mat – so we kind of stole one of these … Basically it’s just a green disposable sheet that they encourage you to use for sanitary reasons in hospital. It’s been handy when I’ve needed to change LG in the pram and wanted to cover as much surface area as possible …

11. Nappy rash cream – I have a small tin of Penaten

12. Lipbalm, hand cream, hairbrush and deodrant for me – Mums get gross too.

13. Small tube of factor 50 suncream – essential for babies in summer

14. Purse – this purse has some loose coins in it. In Germany you often have to pay/tip the toilet attendant and I’m never sure if it’s free if you just want to change your baby ….

I think that’s everything!

Mama M x


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