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How to … ease cramping/wind in babies

gas explosion
Metaphorically, this is what you want to achieve

It would seem that LG has moved on from that tranquil newborn state into a more cranky-very-cranky kind of newborn state, and it’s all the result of our ultimate nemesis wind. Oh and poop. But mostly wind. This has led myself and Peter of a quest of sorts, with the holy grail being the relief of all discomfort for tiny LG. As a mother, you go through phases of feeling incredibly sorry for your baby, as you watch them wriggling, scrunching up their face, kicking their legs and generally being very distressed, to then feeling just as sorry for yourself as you realise you’ve had near 3 hours of this digestive merry-go-round.

Having come across so many suggestions to ease the discomfort, from others mums, our midwife and the good ‘old Internet, it seems mean not to share.

Top Tips

1. Cycle those legs, baby – it’ll be good practice for when you enter them for the Tour de France. There’s a few videos, but this one is pretty accurate (maybe go easy on the pushing phase mind you, just an idea…)

2. Sage/aniseed/fennel tea – (Salbei/Anis in German) Half a teaspoon or a whole teaspoon after feeding, 5 times a day. It’s meant to easy digestion.

3. Hot water bottle or ‘cherry stone cushion’ – I’ve found that this method can relax your baby, even if it can’t speed up the process of getting that air or poop out.

4. ‘Tummy time’ – lying them on their belly (which is good to strengthen those neck muscles anyway) can put just enough pressure on their stomach and abdomen to help them burp (at either end…)

5. Drum circle – Lie them across your lap (face down like tummy time) and gently drum on the lower part of their back. My midwife chanted “Wir sind die Mongolei” … whatever floats your boat.

6. Sun and moon massage – Although this didn’t help little LG, it’s still useful to know. You need to have a baby that doesn’t wriggle around too much! Click here for instructions.

7. Superman! – Hold your baby on your forearm, their head in your palm (face turned either right or left), arms and legs dangling either side. Sometimes this can release pressure, but at the very least it relaxes the baby enough for them to stop grumbling.

Hope this helps!

Mama M x


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