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Being social: I’m not desperate, honest!

A very sound piece of advice given whilst I was still pregnant

After last Friday’s ‘Eastside meetup’ I felt galvanized to do more. I came home on Friday hobbling along with the pram as my pelvic floor screamed at me from below, and my little LG angrily thrashing about in the pram in hunger BUT I felt a sense of achievement. Small milestones for a first time Mama – scheduling, getting him changed & fed on time, navigating the u-bahn, calming him (in public) when he was restless, breastfeeding in public … so many things.

Anyway, this popped up the other afternoon:

J’s initial post

All sense of playing it cool and waiting in the wings seemingly went out the window the day LG was born. I am going to put myself out there shamelessly. So yeah, I was the first to reply with a cheerful (and slightly desperate?) “I’ll PM you ūüôā “. However, I didn’t stop there oh no. Another woman replied J’s post, inviting her to a Mums meetup in Kreuzk√∂lln. Did I jump on that bandwagon and start enquiring how to find this group on Facebook? Of course I did. I just knew that if LG could express himself beyond farm animal noises and gurgles he would say “Mum, I’m destined to be a social butterfly, let’s do stuff with people all the time! Fill up my calendar, pronto!”

In the end, J & I arranged to meet on Tuesday at Markt Halle IX in Kreuzberg, and I extended the invite to everyone else in the thread – the more the merrier!¬† Have I just formed a new Mums group? Probably not, there were only 3 of us there on the day, but it’s a start!

Mama M x


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