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Being social: my first baby meet up

Alas, there was no sandpit

Whilst I was pregnant and getting jittery about the switch from busy freelancer to stay-at-home Mum, a friend offered some wise words of reassurance “If you were busy before you had the baby, you’ll still find ways to be busy with the baby.” Simple, but words that have really stuck in my head. I’m happy when I’m busy, which is why I’m endeavouring to go to things, get to know other Mums, discover new places and generally be social and ward off the feared loneliness.

Today, I put my best foot forward and went to a meet-up for Mums (and Dads) living in east Berlin. I didn’t know anyone there (or so I thought), it was at an awkward time (3-5pm), not in my district and required me to take public transportation – but goddamnit none of that mattered because I was determined to do this!

The ‘Eastside Meet-up’ was held at Raum Schwalbe in Prenzlauer Berg. I approached the door with trepidation struggling to navigate the pram up the big step and nervously shuffled to the group of women. I smiled, and was greeted with smiles in return, but it was clear I was going to have to dive in becaus no-one was going to come over and introduce themselves.

It was at this moment I noticed a woman from another meet-up group – long story short, I went along to a ‘Mums, bumps and babies’ group from 5-9 months and made a big effort to talk to the other Mums, although I sometimes felt awkward being without child but a massive belly instead. Anyway, I greeted her like you would an old friend (I was just so damn relieved to recognise someone), and as I did so, I saw out of the corner of my eye a Polish woman who I (and my Mum) had shared breakfast with in the hospital.

“Oh my god,” I thought “I actually know people.” Okay, two people, but that was a big deal.

After chatting with the Finnish mum, I literally bulldozed myself into the conversation with the Polish mum and a very nice French lady with a cute 2 month old son. The next hour passed by, and I threw all my enthusiasm into small talk, and it felt good. Possibly made too many self-depricating jokes about myself and LG, but if I don’t laugh about crying over missing breakfast, I will be a very sad lady indeed.

I left after an hour since LG clearly hadn’t got the memo that he was supposed to sleep once we got there, and instead decided to a) be awake, wide-eyed and cute (great move) b) force his Mama to awkwardly breastfeed him 4 times (this was only my second time nursing him outside home) resulting in milk seemingly everywhere (not a great move).

Anyway, we did it, LG. It doesn’t matter than you then cried so much outside that I made a regetably stupid decision to walk you home to soothe you resulting in my pelvic floor and insides hating me (I’m currently in bed with my legs up on a cushion whilst he snoozes next to me). Why? Because we did it. Our first baby meet up.

Mama M x


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