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Steak & Baby

Excuse me, can you get the manager over here? Yes, yes, your manager. This’ll be the youngest customer you’ve ever had here! Two weeks old!

Grandpa RG

But where is the wine?!

To say I was sceptical would be an understatement. When my visiting grandparents & aunt suggested we all go for dinner at Block House on their last evening, I desperately tried to wriggle out of it.

All my excuses were relatively legit, and based up genuine fears that I was going to be dealing with a wailing newborn and a cold, half-eaten piece of €20 meat as I comforted the former. Not sure which of those eventualities is worse. Maybe the steak.

Seemingly worn down by Peter’s optimism (read: desperation for steak) and my aunt’s reassurance that everything would be on our terms (time, location), I caved. A table was booked for 6.30pm, and just to compare here is the preparation need before and after having a baby.

Refresh make-up & make sure I’ve got my wallet and phone. No need to get changed into anything fancy, it’s only Block House.

1. Work backwards. Ensure LG has been changed and fed as close to 6pm as possible, this means he’ll be good for 2-2.5hours. Based up what little we know of his sleep patterns, he shouldn’t wake up hungry until 8.30pm.
2. Find appropriate breastfeeding outfit that will also cover up the post-steak dinner, just in case LG wakes up and needs feeding mid-meal.
3. Debate whether to take the bassinet or maxi-cosi for convenience in the restaurant.
4. Debate whether to call the restaurant to see if they have changing facilities or room for a pram. Decide to wing it.
5. Google drinking and breastfeeding to ensure that the planned one glass of red wine is approved by The Internet.
6. Print screen restaurant’s menu and WhatsApp orders to my aunt to maximise efficiency in case we’re late (we are walking there after all)
7. Refresh make-up, check I’ve got my wallet & phone, then wrestle a cranky LG into the pram, where he quickly falls asleep.

The meal itself was a success. Baby slept and Mama managed to enjoy a medium rare steak and a glass of wine – such luxuries that hadn’t been enjoyed since before I was pregnant. If fact I was so preoccupied with checking LG (convinced he was going to wake up) and talking to my family that I didn’t savour my first glass of red wine in 10 months. I realised this on the way home and was genuinely annoyed. 10 months! Ah well, I guess I have other priorities now 🙂

Mama M x


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